About us

Elms Cross Packaging are based in Warminster and have traded for over fourteen years as a privately owned company. However recently the company has been acquired by the Leonard Gould Group and as such this has given Elms Cross extended manufacturing capabilities in addition to our main Packaging distribution expertise.

Our key strengths have always been based on our Customer focused service and our packaging expertise, offering our clients unbiased advice and options for their packaging requirements. Along with this we have always tried to add value to our offering, evaluation and methods to manage your packaging more efficiently. This includes Kan ban and VMI options as well as working with your various packaging departments to reduce your total packaging and operational costs. We stock many bespoke products for our customers which are then called off on a stock and drip basis. We have experience of looking in detail at our customers packaging process, including a full pack cost analysis including cost per pack, reduction in packing time, and many more.

Listed below is a selection of our stock products we supply as well as a full range of bespoke packaging options within all key packaging categories.

Boxes & Pallets

Boxes | Wooden and Cardboard Collars | Wooden Boxes and Crates
Plastic Pallets | Wooden Pallets


Protection Packaging

Bubble Wrap | Cellaire Foam | Loosefill | Air Bags | Paper Protection | Foam Protection


Wrapping & Film

Hand Stretch Film | Machine Applied Stretch Film | Lay Flat Tubing


Bags & Mailing

Bubble and Padded Bags | Bubble Bags | Poly Bags


Sealing & Taping

Tapes | Coloured Tapes | Masking Tapes
Water Activated Paper Tape and Dispensers | Printed Tapes


Strapping & Equipment

Polyprop and Polyester Strapping | Strapping Machines and Tools
Box Shredders | Pallet Wrapping Machines | Case Sealers


Audit your packaging and save at least 20%

We  have recently introduced a Packaging Audit service enabling our customers to benefit from a free packaging survey to identify any packaging options available as well as looking at new innovations.

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