Boxes & Pallets

A variety of stock and bespoke boxes, with a choice of finishes. Die cut and POS boxes. Plus pallets from wood and plastic to press wood and cardboard. Please contact our sales team for our latest prices or to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Boxes | Wooden and Cardboard Collars | Wooden Boxes and Crates | Plastic Pallets | Wooden Pallets


A full range of single and double wall stock boxes available. As well as all your bespoke requirements catered for.

Wooden and Cardboard Collars

Collars and bespoke wood, and heavy duty applications can be discussed with our packaging team.

Wooden Boxes and Crates

A large range of bespoke wooden crates and heavy duty boxes are available from our in house manufacturing unit. To discuss please contact our team to discuss further your requirements.

Plastic Pallets

A large range of plastic pallets and crates are available in various sizes and options. Please discuss with our team your specific requirements.

Wooden Pallets

We can supply heat treated and re-conditioned wooden pallets as well as stocking a full range of press wood pallets in various sizes.

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